ashanks carbon fiber camera monopod 705b professional 34 2mm foot tube diameter with monopod head free shipping

Features Professional DSLR Camera Tripod provides stability and prevent camera movement. Enhanced stability while lighter. 8 layers of pure carbon fibers, the thickest diameter reaches 34.2mm, the smallest reached 20mm, wall thickness reaches 1.2mm with respect to the common 0.9mm. 4 adjustable sections, 78cm - 115cm - 150cm - 185cm, for you to choose the very height to shoot. One of the leg can be used to be monopod, so it also gives you other choice. Versatile -70°to +90°tilt range, 360°pan range. Fluid damping head system for smooth rotate and tilt for recording. With a carry case, it is the perfect traveling companion for your camera and camcorder as it can fold to a ultra compact size. Specifications Product Type Miliboo MTT705B Material Carbon Fiber Number of leg sections 4 Maximum withstand 10kg Maximum height 185cm Minimum height 78cm Foldable height 78cm Max Leg Diameter 34.2mm Min Leg Diameter 20mm Weight 3.11kg

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