ashanks mini carbon fiber handheld

High quality carbon fiber backbone light but strong anti-corrosion anti-aging. Angle adjustment knob on the handle maximizing the comfort feel. Thread design on the backbone just gently rotating can shrink freely. It is a small stabilizer made of carbon fiber. It is really portable. Fine clear scale on the tube wall to let the second installation faster and more accurate. The pedestal using three groups weights counterweight design make it increase stability balance and can also use as a tripod. Standard weight includes three groups. Each group has three weighs they are 145g 45g 35g. Specification: Weight: 1.145kg (including counter weights). Max working height: 40cm. Mini working height: 29cm. Max load capacity: 2kg. Material: high quality carbon fiber. Adjustable range of the front & back: 90mm + 90mm. Adjustable range of left & right: 20mm. Large weight 145g; Medium weight 45g; Small weight 35g.

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