selens 65cm diffuser reflector parabolic umbrella beauty dish softbox for off camera flash

Foldable; Round shape after unfolded; Softbox front is designed with diffuser the internal with reflective materials the top reserved an opening for flash unit with width adjustable; Skeleton is made of magnetic iron pipe easy to fold and easy to carry. Suitable for: Canon 600EX-RT/580EX II/580EX/550EX/540EZ/430EX II/430EX/420EZ/380EX Nikon SB910/SB900/SB800/SB700/SB600/SB80DX/SB28/SB26/SB24 Sony F60M/F58AM/F56AM/F43AM/F42AM/F36AM Pentax AF540FGZ/AF500FTZ/AF360FGZ Olympus FL-600R/FL-50R/FL-36R Sigma EF-610/EF-530/EF-500 Nissin DIMG8000/DI700/DI600/DI866/DI622 Metz 58AF/54MZ/50AF/48AF/44AF iShoot PL-E430

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